What I got for Christmas!!!

The holiday season has been nothing short of crazy for me. I finally got a chance to sit down and make a christmas video since the season is finally slowing down. In this video I show you guys a few gifts that I got this year. I don’t want anyone to think that I am bragging about what I got and some of these items I purchased for myself. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and finding that time as a gift. I just really like watching these videos so I thought it would be fun to film for you guys. Thank you guys so much for watching and hopefully I will see you a few more times before the new year!!


December Ipsy Unbagging!

It is that time of the month again….Ipsy unbagging time!!! I got a lot of quality items and I think this is the cutest bag so far…besides the gudetama bag haha. I got a lot of products I have never tried before and my tried and true Luxie brand brush. The one item I am so stoked about it the Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank collab eyeshadow. I LOVE LISA FRANK!!!!!!! If you guys want to see the products I got and watch me demo each item please watch the video below! As always thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Huda Beauty Dupe for $10!!!

Since christmas is right around the corner I figured I would film this video to show you an amazing makeup dupe that will save you some coins! I have always wanted to Huda beauty palette but could not get myself to shell out the $65 the price tag required. I saw a ton of videos on dupe makeup since I started making some videos about dupe makeup. I was intrigued when I saw how amazing these cheap dupes from shop hush preformed so I thought I would test one out myself. Needless to say I AM SHOOK!!! This palette only cost me $10 and the color payoff was pretty impressive….plus you get 18 shadows!! If you want to see my opinions and a mini makeup tutorial watch my video below and as always thank you guys so much for liking my blog post and watching my videos! I appreciate you all 🙂

Black Friday Haul 2017

So I finally filmed and uploaded my Black Friday haul for 2017. As someone who has a job in the customer service/retail field let me tell you…..Black Friday is no joke….. Not only did I work non-stop but the constant flow of shoppers was something incredible haha. With that being said I wasn’t given much time to indulge in all the deals going on at various retailers but I was able to pick up a few things and a few key places and I even bought stuff online which is rare for me since I mostly like to shop in store. I think I got some pretty great deals like $3 soaps and wallflowers from Bath and Body Works, and $4 liquid lipsticks from Colourpop Cosmetics. If you would like to see all that I got during the Black Friday weekend check out my video below!!! Thanks guys and I will see you next time!

How to get rid of dry skin during winter!

Hey guys! So winter is just around the corner and let me tell you…I can already feel the shift in the weather. For a month it has been cold and windy and my skin has been hating it. My face has gotten so dry and wind chapped that I had to figure out a way to show my skin some love. This skincare routine has helped me revive my skin and combat the dry skin that comes with the changing weather. If you would like to see my winter skincare routine please watch the video below and I will see you next time!

Thanksgiving makeup tutorial

Want to enjoy pumpkin spice without the calories? Try this pumpkin spice makeup look!

Haha I’m totally kidding but if you are looking for a festive yet wearable makeup look to serve at your upcoming Thanksgiving feast then try out this pumpkin spice inspired look.  I wanted to use some fall colors while the season is still here and I think this look really capture the essence of the changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything! If you want to see how to get the look then watch my video linked down below. Thank you guys so much for watching my videos and subscribing to my channel and my blog.

Ipsy Unbagging November 2017

Every month I get this fun little Ipsy bag and I have definitely gotten my fair share of bags that didn’t live up to the hype but this month I got a lot of awesome stuff. This months bag totally made up for last month’s less than impressive bag. I also got the surprise of seeing a familiar face on the card that comes in the bag haha. If you want to see what I got and how each product preformed please watch my video below!!!