$9 Liquid Highlighter?!!!

I love to save money on makeup…especially when the cheaper alternative is just as good as its expensive counterpart. I recently found these new Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Drops at my local Ulta and I knew I had to buy them when I saw that they were cheaply priced at $9!!! That is a steal my friends. I tested these out and I honestly love the results and want to buy every shade they have!!! If you want to see how these highlighters looked and some swatches watch my video below!!! Thank you guys so much for watching my videos and subscribing to my blog…it really means a lot. I will see you next time.


Halloween Mermaid Makeup

I have always wanted to be a mermaid ever since I was little and this year I decided to try out a mermaid makeup look that will transform me into my childhood dreams. I thought it would be fun to play around with a wig and some makeup and do something a little different on my channel. I used sequins on my face to give the look of scales and I think it turned out pretty cool. If you want to transform yourself into a mermaid (or merman) take a look at my video below and I will see you in my next video!! Thanks for watching.

October Ipsy Unbagging

I finally got this months bag and to be honest this one didn’t wow me as much as other bags in the past. The bag design was cute but all in all I felt like my products were just left overs and they didn’t consider the quiz I have done multiple times to customize what comes in my bag. I have high hopes for next months bag and I hope I get more makeup.

If you would like to see what I got in my bag check out my video below! Thanks for watching and I will see you next time!

Easy Glam Witch Makeup

So Halloween season is here and I am BEYOND excited for all the fun costumes and makeup that this season brings us. To kick start the month I thought I would do an easy glam witch look that is perfect for last minute parties or everyday to just get you in the holiday spirit. I bought a few makeup items at the store because it is crazy to see how much professional and drug store halloween makeup there is to choose from! In my video I test out a few Makeup Revolution Halloween makeup items that are pretty cool!

If you want to see how to get the look please watch my video below and I’ll see you guys in my next halloween tutorial!

September Beauty Favorites!

September literally flashed by so quickly that I was shocked that now is the time to shop for halloween stuff. I have been testing out a few new things in the month of September and I have liked most but I was not a fan of one very popular item which might surprise you. I want to welcome all my new followers (I consider you guys friends!) and I appreciate you watching my videos and reading my little blog posts!!

If you want to see what I liked and disliked for the month of September watch the video below and I’ll see you next time!!!