August Favorites!

I had a lot of interesting finds this month and I thought I would share them in my newest video!!! I had no idea EOS made a clear lip balm and let me tell you it is MAGICAL!!!! If you want to see the items I have been loving for the month of August please watch my video below and I’ll see you in my next video.


Quick Heatless Hairstyles for Back to School!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! I have been super busy with the back to school season starting up again but I finally got a little break to film this easy hair tutorial video for you. Being busy and on the go means less time you have to spend on getting ready. I have put together 3 hairstyles that I use all the time when I’m running low on time but I still want to look cute! If you want to see how to do my 3 go to hairstyles please watch my video below!!! Thanks again and I will see you in my next video.

Quick Back to School Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! I’m here to help you remember that school is right round the corner (and for those of you who go to school later…..I’m so sorry that I have to be that person haha). Sure it is easy to tell yourself you are always going to wake up on time to do your hair and your makeup every morning (or whatever you do before school) but the reality is sometimes we just can’t wake up….or worse our alarm betrays us and we end up waking up thinking how amazing it is we are feeling refreshed before our alarm goes off only to realize our alarm should have gone off 30 minutes ago!!! If this ever happens to you then I have a makeup routine that covers most of what a regular makeup routine consists of but I have simplified it to make it a total time saver. If you have any time saving hacks feel free to let me know in the comments!!